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Welcome to SunWest Aviation!

Let’s keep you flying! As you may have heard, the flight school at PCF Aviation ceased operations on April 14th, 2014. The owners of SunWest and PCF have made every effort, however, to ensure that their customers’ training and access to rental aircraft would not be interrupted. To this end, SunWest Aviation can pick up where PCF left off if you choose to trust us with your training and rental needs. This should not require too much of an adjustment on your part as the former PCF customer service and instructor staff is already part of the SunWest team! You will still have access to the same training and rental aircraftyou are flying now, as well as one or two more. We intend to honor school and renter deposits but we are still reviewing those accounts and contacting individuals. Rental rates have stayed pretty much the same, but we have dropped the fuel surcharge!

By way of introduction, SunWest Aviation, Inc. has been operating a flight school and charter operation out of Santa Ynez (KIZA) since 1989. The owners of SunWest, Janet and Alan Jones, went to Cal Poly and have always had a fondness for the area so the ability to expand at SBP is really a precious opportunity.

Please let any of us know what we might need to do better to meet your needs and expectations as we get through upcoming housekeeping tasks like new rental agreements and perhaps a new process or system as we seek to improve and grow. We know all of this depends on your satisfaction and we intend to earn your business and trust from day one and each any every day thereafter. So much more to come, so I hope you will join us!

Discover Flying!


Just the fact that you have clicked on this page indicates that you have some interest in flying.  If learning to fly is a dream or passion or you just have some curiosity about whether being a pilot is something you can do, then why not take a Discovery Flight Lesson with one of our FAA certified Flight Instructors?  For just $119 you will spend half an hour at the controls of a Cessna 172.  You will handle the controls from takeoff to landing and see some great scenery along the way. 



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